Dragon Quest – Pafu-Pafu


Pafu-Pafu / Puff-Puff

Pafu-Pafu is a running gag in the Dragon Quest titles whereby a bunny-girl will sandwich the hero’s face in between her breasts and then push them towards your face. Generally, the pafu-pafu scenes are in black and one must use their imagination. One can only speculate as to WHY this was added to Dragon Quest, but it is yet another little element that makes DQ so unique. As you can imagine, pafu-pafu was too risqué for the original NES (English) releases and were either removed completely, translated into having your fortune told instead, or receiving a ‘powder-puff (puf-puf)’ massage, which apparently improves your stamina… well according to the bunny-girl anyway…

Dragon Quest I

NES: Village of Rimuldar

In the town of Rimuldar, visit the woman that greets you at the entrance. In the Japanese version she sells you her pafu-pafu services for 50 gold. In the North American version she is selling tomatoes. Perhaps it’s a coy euphemism?


Super NES: Village of Kol

When Dragon Quest was remade on the SNES, the puf-puf (pafu-pafu) girl migrated over to the village of Kol and lowered her price.

dw1snes_pafu1  dw1snes_pafu2  dw1snes_pafu3

Game Boy: Village of Kol

The hero can recieve a ‘powder-puff’ massage / pafu-pafu near the bath in Kol in the Game Boy version. No after-effects were observed, but for 20 gold it’s hard to complain.

dw1gbc_pafu1  dw1gbc_pafu2  dw1gbc_pafu3  dw1gbc_pafu6dw1gbc_pafu4  dw1gbc_pafu5

Dragon Quest II

NES: Village of Lianport

The Pafu-Pafu girl can be found in the village of Lianport, but only in the Japanese version. She was removed entirely from the English version.

Super NES: Village of Lianport

Looking for a good time? Come to the village of Lianport and speak with the bunny girl (bottom left of the village). Unlike the previous Dragon Quest pafu-pafu, this time it’s free… Hmm… carefull, you may get more that what you paid for…

dq2sfc_pafu1 dq2sfc_pafu2 dq2sfc_pafu3dq2sfc_pafu4 dq2sfc_pafu5 dq2sfc_pafu6Not Interested you say? Well, our bunny girl has a theory as to why…

dq2sfc_pafuno1 dq2sfc_pafuno2

Game Boy: Village of Lianport

Once again our pafu-pafu girl is in the village of Lianport, only this time she is available for her powder-puff massage services in the English version as well!


Dragon Quest III

NES: Village of Assaram

Visit the village at night (you must have a male in the lead of your party) and speak with the woman in the village square. She will then bring you to her room… In the English version, she offers to tell your fortune, where in Japan she offers pafu-pafu. This was the most poorly translated of the pafu-pafu scenes as it begins as fortune telling, somehow the father comes in and manipulates the crystal ball, and once over, the woman asks if the stiffness in your shoulder is gone as though you have just received a massage. In Japan, the father performed the pafu-pafu while the lights were out.

 dq3nes_pafu2 dq3nes_pafu3 dq3nes_pafu4 dq3nes_pafu5 dq3nes_pafu6  dq3nes_pafu7

Super NES: Village of Assaram

Similar to the NES, The pafu-pafu scene is in the village of Assaram. Visit at night and speak with the bunny girl in the village square.

dq3sfc_pafu2 dq3sfc_pafu3 dq3sfc_pafu4 dq3sfc_pafu5 dq3sfc_pafu6 dq3sfc_pafu7 dq3sfc_pafu8 dq3sfc_pafu9 dq3sfc_pafu10 dq3sfc_pafu11 dq3sfc_pafu12 dq3sfc_pafu13 dq3sfc_pafu14 dq3sfc_pafu15 dq3sfc_pafu16 dq3sfc_pafu17 

Dragon Quest IV

NES: Village of Monbaraba

The pafu-pafu girl cn be found in Monbaraba in Chapter V. Enter the bar that is to the left of the dancing stage at night. Speak with the bunny girl in the second room on the second floor. You must have a male in the lead and he must be alone. The scene is not available in chapter IV

dq4nes_pafu1 dq4nes_pafu2 dq4nes_pafu3 dq4nes_pafu4 dq4nes_pafu5 dq4nes_pafu6 dq4nes_pafu7

Playstation:Village of Monbaraba

The pafu-pafu scene from DQ IV changed very little from the NES version.

dq4psx_pafu1 dq4psx_pafu2 dq4psx_pafu3 dq4psx_pafu4

Dragon Quest V

Playstation 2: Castle Reinhart

Speak with the bunny girl at the inn in Reinhart castle for the pafu-pafu (Puf-Puf) offer. When you speak to her she is surprised that you do not know what pafu-pafu is but understands more when she realized that you have not been with a woman before. She then tells you that you shouldn’t worry becasue one day you will find a girl who will teach you. Like most pafu=pafu scenes, this one takes place at night, but only if you cast the return spell. If you simply wait for night to fall, the scene is not available. So wait until night, and then cast RETURN.Unlike the other pafu-pafu scenes, this is the only one that doesn’t end with an actual pafu-pafu

dq5ps2_pafu1 dq5ps2_pafu2 dq5ps2_pafu3 dq5ps2_pafu4 dq5ps2_pafu5 dq5ps2_pafu6

Dragon Quest VI

Super NES: Village of Longadeseo

Welcome to the seedy town of Longadeso, home to the pafu-pafu girls! Speak with the bunny girl in the bar. Be sure to have a male in the lead of your party in order to activate the scene. Due to the way day/nigh transitions happen in DQ VI, you can go to the village at any time.

dq6sfc_pafu1 dq6sfc_pafu2 dq6sfc_pafu3 dq6sfc_pafu4 dq6sfc_pafu5 dq6sfc_pafu6

Dragon Quest VII

Playstation: Coastal City

When in the ‘present’ time, head over to Coastal City. There you will find a Casino (if you head north) and if you have your “Coastal City ID Card” head up to the second floor ofthe Casino and onto the balcony (looking south). Puff-Puff.. Pafu-Pafu!

dq7psx_pafu1 dq7psx_pafu2 dq7psx_pafu3 dq7psx_pafu4 dq7psx_pafu5 dq7psx_pafu6

Dragon Quest VIII

Playstation 2: Puff-Puff Club (NW of Argonia)

The Puff-Puff Club can be found behind a purple door northwest of Argonia. Bear in mind that you will need the Ultimate Key to enter the club. This was one of the more interesting pafu-pafu scenes and was in both the English and Japanese versions of DQVIII.

dq8ps2_pafu1 dq8ps2_pafu2 dq8ps2_pafu3 dq8ps2_pafu4 dq8ps2_pafu5 dq8ps2_pafu6 dq8ps2_pafu7 dq8ps2_pafu8

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