Dragon Quest – Pafu-Pafu

Dragon Quest Castle


Pafu-Pafu / Puff-Puff

Pafu-Pafu is a running gag in the Dragon Quest titles whereby a bunny-girl will sandwich the hero’s face in between her breasts and then push them towards your face. Generally, the pafu-pafu scenes are in black and one must use their imagination. One can only speculate as to WHY this was added to Dragon Quest, but it is yet another little element that makes DQ so unique. As you can imagine, pafu-pafu was too risqué for the original NES (English) releases and were either removed completely, translated into having your fortune told instead, or receiving a ‘powder-puff (puf-puf)’ massage, which apparently improves your stamina… well according to the bunny-girl anyway…

Dragon Quest I

NES: Village of Rimuldar

In the town of Rimuldar, visit the woman that greets you at the entrance. In the Japanese version she sells you her pafu-pafu services for 50 gold. In the North American…

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