Dragon Quest : Facts and Fiction


With a game of such magnitude, you know there will be rumours spreading like wildfire. As with most rumours, some have a basis in truth, while others are simply wrong. For instance, is the following statement true or false?

“You can keep the iron safe from chapter 3 and have it carry on to chapter 5 in DQ IV”


With the advent of the Internet, some old rumours can finally be put to the test, but unfortunately, new ones can be born and spread quicker than before. All rumours on this site have been personally tested and the results are on display for all to see. DQ is amazing on its own – there is no need to resort to rumours… Oh, The ‘Iron Safe’ rumour above is TRUE (NES version). Simply do NOT get it in chapter III (be careful not to loose your money though) and when you are in Chapter V, you can collect the Iron Safe from the cave. The safe retains the properties of protecting your money upon death and so it is recommended that you try to exploit this trick and collect the safe in chapter V where it will be infinitely more useful to you.


Dragon Quest cameos appear in other games


On a tombstone in a village there is a message – ‘Here lies Erdrick R.I.P.’ Cute… (For new DQ fans – Erdrick was the name used for Loto in the original NES versions of the game). In Japan the tombstone read Link instead of Erdrick….

The box says you are the last of the “Dragon Warriors”. Hmm…

Ever notice the name Saro? Perhaps it is a reference to Saro (NecroSaro) from DQ IV…


Although technically not an Enix game, DQ does appear in Earthbound Zero. Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan) for the SNES was actually a sequel to a Famicom game (Mother). The original Mother was translated but never produced, and is often referred to as Earthbound Zero. In this game a character asks if you beat Super Mario Bros 7 yet, he’s still playing SMB 3. Before it was translated it was Dragon Quest IV he was asking about since he was playing DQIII.


There is a room ripped straight out of Dragon Quest IV, in a town there is a priest from DQ IV and a room with DQ IV graphics, he falls over and runs away.

Click here for a YouTube video of Paladins Quest DQ Cameo

You can rename the Prince and Princess in DQ II

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest II
Version(s): SFC, GBC only


In the original NES version of the game, the characters are randomly generated and cannot be changed, but in the SFC and GBC versions you can rename them from the very start of the game 

You will need to have the characters you want to rename already in your party. For the SFC version select the file from the ‘Continue new quest screen’, for the Prince Hold left & Start and then Press A. For the Princess hold Right & Start then Press A. For the GBC version hold left & Select & Start and then Press A For the prince and for the Princess hold Right & Select & Start then Press A.

Create multiple soldiers and the Hero will learn new magic

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest III
Version(s): NES only
Creating multiple solders (8) in Dragon Quest III (NES version) will cause the hero to learn magic spells but also has additional side-effects which includes the inability to learn magic spells that you are supposed to later on. Although a fairly well known rumor, I personally discovered this when I was making solders just so I could sell the leather armor and make fast cash in the beginning when all of a sudden magic happened 🙂

A Goof-Off (Jester) can become a Sage without the book of Satori

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest III
Version(s): All Versions (NES, SFC, GBC)
dq3_classchange1 dq3_classchange2
All characters in Dragon Quest III can become Sages with the book of Satori. Unfortunately there is only one book in the game, meaning only one possible Sage (usually a former Wizard or Pilgrim). A Goof-Off class can become a Sage however at level 20 without the book of Satori. If you can tolerate the class for 20 levels you can reap a second or third sage for your party!

Parry & Fight allows you to defend AND attack

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest III
Version(s): NES Only
All characters (exception of the last one) In Dragon Quest III (original NES version) can select parry then cancel that order and choose fight to benefit from the effects of parry (increase defense) AND then fight. This technique (which was listed in the Explorer’s Handbook for DQ III) does not work on other DQ NES games or on the DQ III remixes

You can win 2000 coins by walking through the cave east of Endor

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest IV
Version(s): All versions (NES, PSX, DS)
Entering this cave enough times will randomly trigger an event where the king grants you 2000 coins for the casino. This event occurs at approximtely in the middle of the cave, within the cave and will occour randomly. If you are lucky to trigger this event, you will hear some music and a small message that announces you a winner.

You can scale walls in DQ IV

Game: Dragon Warrior IV
Version(s): English NES Only (Unknown if occours in Japanese version)


n Dragon Quest IV (NES) there exists a very interesting glitch that allows you to scale walls and access areas that you shouldn’t be able to normally. In fact it lets you scale the wall and talk to Rosa before defeating the SaroKnight! This glitch requires the Treasure Map and can only be used on large doors (2 tiles high). Essentially you need to step in a doorway, use the treasure map and then when you return to the game, the door has moved up 1 tile. This allows you to move up and then repeat for large walls. 

You have to pitty poor Rosa, her window/door keeps closing on her head…


All hits are critical if you run from a monster 8 times first

Game: Dragon Quest IV
Version(s): Japanese NES Only (Does NOT work in English version)


This rumor is both true and false. In the Japanese version, if you run 8 times in a row (you can take time to heal as well if you wish), all hits that follow are ‘critical hits’. This works even on the final battle with Necrosaro.

This trick however does not apply to the North American version. For 8 rounds I simply took a pounding and all my hits afterwards were still normal

Click here for a YouTube video using the glitch against Necrosaro (Japan)


You can defeat the ‘unbeatable’ Keeleon and Gemma

Games: Dragon Warrior / Quest IV & Dragon Quest V
Version(s): NES & SFC only


I battled Keeleon at insane levels, with Game Genie codes for HP and for attack power. I had even used a ‘1 hit kills all monsters’ code and although Keeleon will die with this code, he immediately re-spawns and the battle starts over. I received 0 exp and 0 gold. This happens in both the English and Japanese versions. 

If you defeat Gemma on the Super Famicom version of Dragon Quest V (using cheat codes or high levels of course) the battle will end, although the story progresses as though you lost.

Click here for a YouTube video of a Keeleon battle

Special equip arrangements create critical hits 

Game: Dragon Quest V
Version(s): SFC only


The following items in the EXACT order with NO other items (equip or items) will cause all normal attacks to be critical hits as well as recruitable monsters will now join you without hassle. I have tested various combinations and this seems to be the only one that works:

Cypress Stick
Sharpened Bone
Hat of Happiness
Saw Blade
Cloak of Evasion

Characters from Dragon Quest IV & V appear in DQ VI

Game: Dragon Quest VI
Version(s): SFC only
In the Village of DeathCod (hidden in the bonus ending of DQ VI SNES) you can speak with Taloon (Torneko), the travelling merchant & Nara, who is looking for her sister Mara (Minea). Both of these are characters from DQ IV. You can also speak with Sancho who is taking care of the Hero’s children while their parents are turned to stone (DQ V). The only drawback is that they are all generic villager graphics rather than drawn like the originals.


The Cursed Necklace is in Charlock Castle

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest I
Version(s): All versions (NES, SFC, GBC)

The Cursed necklace is an elusive item in Dragon Quest I that you learn of only in an explorer’s handbook, but even then it tells you nothing. I myself took forever looking for it and heard a lot of rumors, both from friends and Nintendo’s tip line (They claimed it was in Charlock)

The truth is, it’s a random treasure in the mountain cave (2nd Basement Floor), collect the treasure I circled in the map. Normally it is money, but you will notice (if you go back) the amount changes…. After a few tries the treasure will be the Cursed Necklace. If you use it, it will do the generic “The cursed necklace is squeezing thy body” blarb and you will have to get it removed.

In the Game Boy and Super Famicom remixes the treasures do not re-spawn… EXCEPT for the one with the cursed necklace in it!

Small (Tiny) Medals exist in Dragon Quest III (NES version)

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest III
Version(s): NES only


Small (Tiny) Medals made their debut in DQ IV (original NES version) although there is a rumor that they exist in DQ III (NES) as well. The rumor states that you can obtain an item called ‘Small Medal’ through use of a Game Genie, although they do nothing since a ‘Medal King’ was never made. Some variations on this rumor guess at where the Metal King may have been. It is unknown if there was a plan to use Tiny Medals in DQ III that was changed at the last minute but I was unable to replicate the claims of the rumor in either the English or Japanese version of DQ III.

The Gum Pod is a medical herb

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest IV
Version(s): NES only


Years ago, before we both ‘got a life’, my brother and I prided ourselves on being DQ (me) and Final Fantasy (him) masters, and for the most part we were, although the knowledge of a particular item in DQ IV eluded me – What was the Gum Pod that I found in Alena’s chapter? I tried so many ways to use the item, but it did absolutely nothing. I called Nintendo (a few times about this) and they told me time and time again it was a medical herb. Eventually I found out that the Gum Pod is actually ‘Uma no Fun” (Horse manure), basically the first ‘Dung’ item in DQ (which would re-appear in DQ VII later on). It’s effect was removed from the English Version It did absolutely nothing in the English version.

Dragon Quest V (SNES) was released in North America

Game: Dragon Quest V
Version(s): SFC


There is a rumor that some English versions of Dragon Warrior V existed and were shipped to a Canadian distributer. They were never released due to Enix leaving the North American market and what they did with the copies is unknown. There is no support for this rumor at all and was likely born out of early gaming magazines listing Dragon Warrior V as an American release (before it was cancelled). Any English version of Dragon Quest on the SNES is due to ROM hacking and unofficial fan translations. DQ V is however has been released in North America on the DS and iOS/Android

Dragon Warrior VII has no FMV’s (Videos)

Game: Dragon Warrior/Quest VII
Version(s): All Versions (PSX, PSP Download)          


During the long development delay for DQ VII, rumors spread that it contained no full motion videos (FMV’s). Of course we now know that to be untrue, although there are very few FMV’s in the game.

DQ IX will have 2 cartridges

Game: Dragon Quest IX
Version(s): DS/DSi


Another DQ rumor has raised its head recently that DQ IX will have 2 cartridges to the size of the game but it in fact only needs and uses the 1 cartridge like most other DS games. I got DQ IX for Christmas in 2009 and was surprised, I too thought it was 2 cartridges, but… no. it is only 1.


DQ series have been sub-divided into various trilogies (Loto and Tenku series)

All DQ Games and spin-off series
Perhaps the most pervasive rumour in DQ is that there exists 2 ‘trilogies’ among the games. The Erdrick (Loto) Trilogy consists of DQ III, I and II (in that order) and DQ IV, V and VI consist of the Zenethian (Tenku) trilogy. When DQ VII was first released, it too was rumoured to be the begining of a new trilogy (Eden). Although it is true that the theme of Erdrick runs through the first three DQ games, according to the creators, DQ IV and further are NOT part of any sub-series or trilogy. In fact, nearly all DQ games since DQ IV have a ‘Zenethian/Heaven theme but are not releated in any way (outside of shared enemies and items).


Something happened to my game a long time ago and I was lucky enough to have a screen grab of it


I had to reset the game as it was stuck in this loop and I have No idea how it happened, but it did 🙂

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