Dragon Quest vs. Dragon Warrior

Dragon Quest Castle


In the early years, localizations of Japanese games toNorth Americawould undergo many changes – story, graphics, the removal of violent scenes and sexually charged events as well as the modification of the packaging to remove any and all traces of its original Japanese culture. Fortunately, much less of this ‘translation’ is happening, but it does still persist. So were these changes worth it? Join Alena, Cristo and the DQ IV party as they comment on the ultimate video game competition – Dragon Quest (Japan) versus Dragon Warrior (English) to answer this question.

Introducing first, in the blue corner weighing in at 8-bit, ‘The Fantasy Killer’ – Draaaagon Quuuuest! And his opponent, in the red corner, weighing in at a comparable 8-bit, ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ – Dragonnnnnn Warriorrrrr!


cristoicoWell what about the story? Any differences there?
alenaicoWell Erdrick was called Loto and the Princess was called Lora in Japan, but…

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