iPod Shuffle Clone part II: The Revenge-ining!

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Cheap Apple iPod Shuffle Clones.

After I purchased the iPod Nano 5th generation, I was torn – Part of me loved the device, but part of me was concerned that the interface would be too much for the kids to handle. It was then that I decided I needed to provide them with a more simplistic interface, and of course in my infinite brilliance, I decided this 5 minutes after giving my daughter the device. I then came across $3.00 iPod Shuffle clone that had no internal storage, but accepted pretty much whatever SD card I wanted. “3 bucks? This is interesting” I thought to myself, and probably said out loud, since I talk to myself often. Let’s check it out…

You read that previous paragraph correctly – Three dollars. For 3 dollars I wasn’t expecting much, but had nothing to lose, so why not give it a try? About a month after ordering the device I finally got my iPod Shuffle clone, and again, much like the Nano clone,  I ordered more than one of them – An orange one and a purple one, since we have decided that my youngest daughter’s favourite colour is purple. It should also be noted that she is still too young to even say ‘purple’ and tried to eat the damn iPod the second she could. We have since given the purple one to her cousin. Parenting is hard.


At any rate, my eldest daughter was very comfortable using the orange one and the device read all the songs on the micro SD card easily and without any problems (even songs that would not play on the Nano 5 clone). This lasted about a week before the middle button (the play button) popped right off and broke one of the cheap-ass clips that held it in place. I tried to fix it but of course this lead to the entire device breaking apart in my hand like a sand castle. Great! So 1 month and a week after ordering it, both of them are gone. I should have let both the kids eat the damn things, at least then it would have taken 2 weeks to turn it all to shit instead of doing it in only one. I remember a time when you could get a pack of smokes, bus fare from Montreal to Toronto and still have enough change for a large soda from your 3 dollars. Ok, maybe not, but still… 1 week is a bit quick to die, even for a knock-off.

Learning nothing from this, I ordered 2 more – another Orange one, and decided to mix it up and get a pink one (just in case the orange one broke again). After another wonderful month of waiting, during which time my daughter has become perfectly comfortable using the Nano 5 clone and doesn’t even need the damn Shuffle clone, they arrived.

Ok… looks like someone else tried to eat the pink one, and the orange middle button is as loose as a drunk college student on spring break.  I am not making this up, the iPods legitimately arrived at the house like this. Technically they work, but they are hardly ‘new’, which is what the eBay seller had said they would be. After a protracted 2 week game of “They are fucked up, send me more” / “Sorry sir, you say they work, so… no.”  / “Please have them delivered by a human and not a hungry wolverine you fucking jackass!” I have yet again 2 more on their way to my house. I kind of want them to be damaged, it’s almost funny at this point J

iPodShuffleClone_001   iPodShuffleClone_006

For what it’s worth, the volume and sound quality were great – rivalling the original iPod, however the main issue is that I cannot tell if the damn thing is charged. There is no clear percentage, since there is no screen to display it on, and no light indicators other than the ‘blinding red LED’ that tells me it is on. Thank God that feature was included, the fact it was playing music wasn’t very clear – thanks to the innovative light, I know that the thing is on for sure. How about flashing when it is less than 20% or something? That could have been helpful if they were so intent on including the stupid light. The device was plain and simple – it played music (MP3s) and nothing else, nothing fancy, no radio, games or non- features that I’d never use anyway – just good old fashioned music playing. The device charges with a micro USB in lieu of the traditional iPod connector. This may or may not be a feature you like. Personally, as an Apple fan, I have more 30-pin connectors than Micro USB cables, but to each their own. Another great feature was the super sharp ends on the clip, which can cut through skin, paper, a tomato and even a tin can (I assume). I do know for sure that it can cut through skin anyway…

In the meantime as I wait for the replacements, I decided to look elsewhere for Shuffle clones, please keep in mind that my daughter doesn’t need or want them, since she is happily singing along with her Nano 5 clone. It has become my white whale – I need this victory, I need these damn iPod Shuffle rip-offs to prove that I’m still a man… a provider… strong and true, or some such nonsense.

Fine – I just want them OK!?


I browsed around a bit and eventually I found a cool one, but it came with some odd attachment, I guess it’s some kind of remote control thingy… The packaging is certainly better than the cheap-o bubble wrap the last ones came in… what can I say, iPods are sexy. I kind of wish it was Bluetooth enabled, but there is some tactile feedback in the remote letting me know with ever so subtle vibrations that it has accepted my command. Man I’m really getting off on this iPod, it is easily the most pleasurable music listening experience I’ve ever had. The volume is a bit low mind you. Maybe I’ll keep this one instead of giving them to my daughter. She’s fine with the Nano 5 clone she has anyway…

Yea… I think that may be best.

Verdict: The removable SD card is great, but the build quality is incredibly poor so buy an extra 1 or 2 if you plan on using these things. Real intuitive to use mind you, but hard to recommend, unless you want a music playing switchblade and/or sex toy

What do you think? If you were interested in an MP3 player outside of your smartphone, what version would you go for?  Leave a comment and let the nerd army know!

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