MacBook Novelty Compact Mirror: MacMirror Air

Macbook air compact mirror novelty Bootleg Clone


How to make staring into a Mirror look even more pretentious with the MacBook Air Pocket Mirror.

“Beauty, and travel are some of the things that we are the most passionate about. Travel allows you to see the beauty of the world and our realm, but for us, the true beauty of the world is in seeing the beautiful travelers. The beautiful ones should not be limited to observing their own beauty in a fixed bathroom mirror and thus building products that help them admire their own beauty while on the go is  what drives us.”

iCompactIntroducing the iCompact, an economic little portable compact case you can use to admire yourself while on the go. Uggos and fatties need not apply.

You can tell by its sweatshop plastic design that this is the best compact that 8 year old children have ever built. Sleek and tight, you would be proud to bring this out of your pocket every 10 minutes to make sure your hair is still… there.  Opening the compact will bring back those fond loving memories of opening your luxury MacBook air, or your $80 knock off edition.

Pop zits with impunity all over the removable sticker screen, which is useable at any angle that is straight in front of you. No longer should you be bothered by what reality lies in front of you, stare instead into the peeling tinfoil reflection of your glorious visage.

icompact001A beautiful full QWERTY keyboard that is soft to the touch helps you keep in touch with friends and family while on the go. While the iCompact does not have such a feature, you can pretend to be typing an all too important email to the president of ‘the movie company’ telling them that you won’t do a nude scene without an additional 2 million dollars and you want a stunt double ass.  Shun your family and friends – they talk badly about you behind your back anyway, and probably wouldn’t know how to use ‘the emails’ anyway.

No need for any needless peripherals, everything you need is included – 1x sticker and ½x the necessary adhesive. Packaged in bubble wrap instead of a box, because we all love bubble wrap. Furthermore, since we care about the environment, all our bubble wrap is painted green with, presumably, lead free paint.

icompact002Connect to the world at speeds up to 0Kb/s! That’s both downstream AND upstream – a perfectly synchronous experience that only the iCompact can provide.This is the thinnest, smallest personal device available – creating the thinnest, smallest personal experience possible. If you love yourself, you need the iCompact. If you do not love yourself, why are you still here? Off yourself already and leave more room for the beautiful travelers – the iCompact traveler!”

VERDICT: Retail Approx. $4 – Recommended! Just don’t get it too wet or the tin foil sticker mirror will peel off 😉

What do you think? Is the MacMirror anything you would include in your purse or bag or is it just too kitsch for you? Leave a comment and let the nerd army know!

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