Knock-Off Apple Watch Novelty gift: Apple LED Watch

Apple Watch iWatch LED Neovelty watch Bootleg Clone


Novelty LED Apple Watch. Pay less, Impress nobody.

I can’t tell you how excited I am – I have, in this package, the most epic awesome thing ever. That’s right – I have an Apple watch – a Freeking Apple watch! I cannot wait for my life to be changed – My life sucks as it is – I NEED Facebook updates on my wrist incessantly to bring some meaning into my life… Ugh, hold on, my fucking kid wants something….

Here is my Apple Watch, I got it for a great price too, but then again I have always been pretty good at negotiation. Look at that sleek design, you can really see why Apple took their time to release it. Apple may not always be first, but man do they ever make the perfect product once they do.  I have been using this watch for almost 2 weeks now on a single charge, and I still have a lot of battery left… I think. I actually can’t find the battery percentage, but 2 weeks so far is pretty boss. I have no idea why people are claiming it will only last a few hours.

appleLEDWatch003The design does have some version 1 flaws that I am sure they will iron out:  For starters, I hate to say it but the strap is a little cheap, but at some point exchangeable straps will be available for sale so that should resolve that little issue. The shape of the phone is not what I expected. Most images I saw on the Google showed a square design but I like this new design, a bold 4.4” round…ish screen. You can definitely tell it’s an Apple design and more importantly, my friends and the loose women at the bar can tell I am wearing an Apple. I can’t wait to test it out, they are all going to be jelly, yo!

A beautiful rubber clasp holds the watch to my wrist and a loop on the band helps keep it from snagging on rubbish in the environment. I’d say 50% of the time it works 30%. I may not be a math nerd, but that I do know that this is impressive.


The feature set is great – It has an AM and PM indicator, and has a blinking hour/minute separator, which I noticed actually blinks every second. So subtle, so perfect… so  Apple. The digital crown allows me to set the time manually and access the stopwatch feature. I did have some trouble with the Bluetooth connectivity, and since there was no instruction manual included, I’m at a bit of a loss. I am not too worried though, I’m sure I will figure it out. I must admit the lack of a colour screen, lack of apps, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , messaging, notifications and everything else I was promissed is a little disappointing, but what the watch DOES do, it does perfectly. That perfectly timed blinking of the hour / minute separator is incredible, seriously – it’s every second – swiss style precision.

appleLEDWatch002I can’t seem to find the heart rate sensor, but it must be working since my heart is still beating. I am literaly living on Apple. I hear the Android watches only tell you if your heart is beating or not, which although is good to know, it is nowhere near as impressive as actually keeping my heart beating! Seriously, I’ve been chain smoking filter-less cigarettes and eating corndogs all week and only had minor chest pains, nothing serious. This feature is awesome!  As a bonus, you can use the stopwatch to time how long it takes in between heart palpitations.

The watch comes in a wide variety of colours, Apple White, Apple Red, Apple Green,… poop brown… pee Yellow and more!  This watch is super cool and super cheap, although the feature set is a little lacking. Apple retails this watch for somewhere around the $350 range, although I only paid $180. Almost half price! Hell, maybe I’ll buy another one to sell on the eBay for a profit 😉

VERDICT: It’s just a generic watch but a fun little $10 toy for an Apple fan.  Recommended!

What do you think? Would you ever be caught dead with this watch or do you have more self respect than that? Leave a comment and let the nerd army know!


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